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Marketing plans are the foundation of product and service success. There are several ways to go about marketing planning; software and strategic planning from a template are two popular methods. Your own approach will depend largely on your individual situation and which method you are most comfortable with.

Download the sample marketing plan outline. (Acrobat PDF file)

The outline details six sections you may want to include in your plan, as well as links to relevant articles and software.

Marketing Plan Software

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Getting started on your marketing plan

When developing or updating plans, knowing where to start is often a challenge. To better develop effective strategies to use in your marketing plan, begin by gathering information about both your company and the larger environment (competition, trends, statistics, etc.). This affects your marketing plan decisions throughout the process.

The article includes 11 different information categories marketers can to turn to when creating plans. Also includes links to specific market information resources.

Finishing your marketing plan

Marketing plans can feel like a pain in the neck (not to mention other body parts). Small business owners, and others without a boss to impose a due date, often find themselves “too busy” to complete a marketing plan or update the existing one. If this sounds like you, then you are leaving profits on the table and the best thing you can do for your business is finish a 2007 marketing plan. This piece gives five tips to help you follow through with planning.

Workbook (PDF)

This workbook helps you develop a marketing plan by taking you step-by-step through the simple marketing plan process explained in A Marketing Plan Outline. “This marketing plan process shows marketers and small business managers how to better market to Web customers on the Internet.” —Bobette Kyle, Author of “How Much for Just the Spider, Targeted Website Marketing for Small-Budget Businesses, a resource for small business, entrepreneurs, and business educators.

Marketing Strategy
Developing a Website Marketing Plan

Finding the time and commitment to develop an online marketing plan can be difficult. There are so many other obligations vying for our attention it is tempting to push plans to the back burner. This means, however, putting your business at a disadvantage. The article explains.

7 Ideas for Increasing Your Online Marketing Presence

Increasingly, online marketing is a crucial part of any marketing plan. No plan yet? No problem. You will of course want to finish your marketing plan so you can refine your activities, but you can begin improving your online marketing presence today by executing one or more of the strategies and programs detailed in the article.

What to Include
When You Write a Marketing Plan

For those new to marketing plans, the thought of writing a marketing plan from start to finish may feel daunting. It need not. Article explains content to include when writing a basic or expanded marketing plan.

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