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Newsletter Creation and Content Providers

At you can submit your newsletter/ezine for inclusion in their directory as well as search articles written by their contributors. The Marketing-Seek Messenger newsletter notifies subscribers of new articles available for publication.

At you can get free content for your newsletter or subscribe to one of the newsletter helper services. Access to articles added in the last 30 days and inclusion in the newsletter directory is free. With Publisher’s Goldmine, low/mid-$ a year, among other features you receive access to the entire library of articles (including a list of those edited by editors) and receive favored positioning in the newsletter directory. For mid-$ per year, Publisher’s Toolbox Pro includes all of the features of Goldmine plus helps you create an email based newsletter.

iMakeNews makes it easy for you to publish a professional newsletter. The service allows you to choose your own look and layout as well as the type of content to include. You can buy custom articles, provide your own articles, and choose from free content on the site. Email address management is also included. Two service plans run mid-$ and high-$ a month. Customized services are also available.

Newsletter Directories contains descriptions of hundreds of newsletters in numerous categories. Each listing includes a short description, with more details available. contains more than 7,700 newsletters.


Newsletter Publishing Information is a “handbook” for newsletter publishers at this site. You can work through a tutorial, subscribe to newsletters about publishing newsletters, read articles, and more.

In Profitable Email Publishing - How to Publish a Profitable Emag!, author Angela Adair-Hoy explains how to create and manage a profitable newsletter. Angela is the successful publisher of two newsletters for writers, and The Write Markets Report. She is also co-owner of   The book includes success stories and numerous links. Cost is $14.95 for print or $7.95 for ebook.

Text Editors

Note Tab's lite version is free but does not come with a spell checker. You can get enhanced versions for low/low-$.

Editor Pro, by D C AL CODA, is available for low/low-$. A free trial is available.

Text Pad is an enhanced text editor for windows. The editor is low/low-$. A free trial is available.

Writing HTML

The HTML/SML site is devoted to articles explaining various aspects of HTML, including HTML email.

The site contains HTML articles and links can be useful in helping you learn how to put together your HTML newsletter.

Newsletter List Management

YourMailinglistProvider provides free email list management service and puts no advertisements in your mailings. New subscribers sign up via a form on your Website. You can also import an existing subscriber list.

The Will Master Subscriber Pro software program generates forms right on your Website for low/low-$. is exclusively an email list hosting and management company. They offer several programs tailored to your list size and message frequency, starting at mid-$$ annually.

These resources were originally developed as companion to the strategic marketing plan development book How Much for Just the Spider? Strategic Website Marketing for Small-budget Businesses. I've updated them as additional appropriate resources come to my attention. In developing these resource lists, I scoured the Web for resources useful to small-budget businesses and entrepreneurs. I looked for sites and services that would help you learn more about Internet Marketing and help you get things done efficiently. My focus is on services that appear to be designed for the needs and time frames of small businesses. Bobette

To the best of my knowledge, resource information was accurate at the time of this writing. Current programs may vary from those reported here. Please let me know if you find any outdated information. Although my intent is to list only upstanding products and services on the site, I cannot personally  make any guarantees. It is wise to check any company out before purchasing, signing any agreement, or making a commitment. Online fraud bureaus and consumer groups are one way to do this. Among them are The Better Business Bureau (and BBBOnline), Fraud Bureau, The Federal Trade Commission, the Internet Crime Complain Center ,, and Scambusters. Bobette



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