Business Plans and Information

Because no two businesses are alike, there is no way around writing a unique business plan. There are, however, similarities between different business plans. Most follow a general business plan template, with similar sections between plans.


To help you write a better business plan, we have also included a variety of articles on the site. “Gathering Information for Your Plan“, for example, can give you some ideas for gathering competitor and industry information to include in your business plan.

5 Business Planning Mistakes” is written by a corporate banker and finance consultant. Paul A. Broni points out errors many make when writing and submitting their business plan.

Read “Your Plan Tells a Story” for ideas on how to make writing your business plan easier.

Design Your Plan to Fit Your Business” explains how your plan’s structure should reflect its purpose (A business plan written to secure funding for a start up, for example, will read differently than a plan for internal use).

Planning Resources

Explore the site often for new resources such as these sample business plans to help you “raise the bar” against your competition. The example plans represent most industries: Internet business plans, restaurant plans, business-to-business (B2B), etc.

For more information about writing a marketing plan, visit and

Proofread Your Plan Carefully

It is important to use a good spell-check program and human eyes when proofing your business and marketing plans. Many phrases are commonly misspelled. For example, research shows that “business plan” (plans) is often spelled: bsuiness plan, buisness plan, busienss plan, busines plan, busines plans, business lpan, business paln, business palns, business plasn, business plna, business plnas, businses plan, or busniess plan.