Sample Business Plan Outline

Small Business Plans
(Business Planning Software and Other Strategic Business Planning Resources)

Business plans are the foundation upon which small businesses thrive. There are a couple of ways to go about small business planning: Business Plans Software (such as Business Plan Pro) and strategic business planning from a template. Your ultimate business planner will depend on which business planning method you are most comfortable with.

Business Plan Outline

Because no two businesses are alike, there is no way around writing a unique business plan. There are, however, similarities between different business plans, so most follow a general business plan outline, with similar sections between plans. The downloadable (PDF) strategic business planning outline (link below) explains those sections:

Strategic Business Planning Outline
(Please feel free to share this document, but do not change it in any way.)

Business Planning Software

There are two or three good business planning software titles available. As you work through the business planning software, you answer questions about your business and provide information about your strategy and industry. The software generates the business plan for you – complete with charts and back-up data: Business Plan Software ( visitors get 15% off. Price with discount: $169.96)