A Template for Your Marketing Plan by Bobette Kyle

When deciding how you will create your marketing plan, it may seem as if there are nearly as many methods as businesses. In one sense this is true. You will find, however, that whatever the final format there are certain elements that appear in most plans: Executive Summary -An overview of the plan. Industry Analysis […]

3 Approaches to Marketing Planning by Bobette Kyle

It’s that time of year again ? marketing plan season! The tools you use to develop your plan will depend on your experience level, your work style, and whether you have an already established planning process. Whatever your preference, establishing business goals, general strategies and specific marketing techniques is critical to the long-range health of […]

Review: Marketing Plan Pro Software by Bobette Kyle

You are probably visiting WebsiteMarketingPlan.com to learn more about marketing planning, but may be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the volume of information. If this is the case, you may find marketing plan software more useful. Working through a finite process and set of materials can be a more efficient use of your time. Software […]

Sample Marketing Plans

Free Marketing Plan Example Download the marketing plan outline (Acrobat PDF file) The outline details six sections you may want to include in your plan, as well as links to relevant articles and software. Marketing Plan Software Review Read a detailed review of a software program that includes numerous examples and sample text, along with […]

Developing a Marketing Plan Outline by Bobette Kyle

Your Marketing Plan Getting Started When developing or updating plans, knowing where to start is often a challenge. To better develop effective strategies to use in your market Do you have a written marketing plan to help guide your decisions throughout the year? If not, it is time to write one. The traditional time for […]

Planning Outline (PDF)

Printable Mktg Plan Crossword (PDF)

Marketing Plans & Programs Articles

10 Tips To Help Calm ‘Marketing Plan Panic Tips to help small businesses get through the fourth quarter marketing plan season and helps those in need of ideas decide what to write in their marketing plans. Web Marketing Tip Sheet 11 Strategies for Making More Profit This PDF explains eleven ways to improve profit through […]

Marketing Strategies, Plans

Marketing Strategies and Planning Aside from the elsewhere mentioned marketing planning software and templates, you can also learn marketing strategy by using various marketing plan tool kits (note: example in the preceding link is for completing an Internet Marketing Plan) or by reading marketing plan books that will show you step-by-step how to write a […]

Getting Started

How to Get Started on Your Marketing Plan by Bobette Kyle When developing or updating a marketing plan, knowing where to start is often a challenge. To better develop effective marketing strategies, begin by gathering information about both your business and the larger business environment (competition, trends, statistics, etc). Internally, the amount of information you […]

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