Six Steps to Effectively Prioritize Your Time by Mike Brassil

One key to becoming more productive is to manage your time wisely. This way, those important projects and tasks will not “fall through the cracks.” Additionally, you will find that some tasks do not really need to be completed at all! First, prioritize your activities in the order of their importance. Time spent on routine […]

Television Advertising – Advantages and Disadvantages by Mike Brassel

Watching TV is the most common leisure activity in our country today. It is the medium where the consumer spends the most “attentive” time. A number of surveys report average daily television viewing time as high as five to six hours. No wonder it has grown into a giant advertising medium. While the newspaper may […]

How to Defuse a Potentially Dangerous Work Situation by Mike Brassil

In a perfect world our employees would perform perfectly and act like well-behaved adults. All too often, bad behavior in the workplace is commonplace. The path of least resistance is to remain in denial by rationalizing bad behavior, and pretending it isn’t happening. You convince yourself that the issue isn’t important, or that you hope […]

Radio Advertising Pros and Cons by Mike Brassil

280 million people own more than 300 million radios and, contrary to the predictions of doom, radio still fills a strategic advertising role for businesses both large and small. It is a relatively inexpensive way of reaching people, and it has often been called the “theater of the mind” because voices or sounds can be […]

Profit and Loss (P&L) Form for Download

P&L Form (PDF format) – Click Here to Download Download by placing your cursor over the link and right-clicking. Then select “save target as” or “save link as” to save it to your hard drive. Mac users: Control-click and select “Download link to disk.” You may copy this file for individual use as long as […]

Newspaper Advertising – Advantages & Disadvantages by Mike Brassil

Paid-circulation newspapers are a popular advertising medium for most local businesses. They are the oldest forms of mass media, and they continue to be one of the largest, as measured by volume of advertising dollars. Industry giants, as well as the local convenience stores, use newspapers to advertise. Every community has its own newspaper. There […]

A Target Marketing / Unique Selling Proposition Article: What’s in it for me? by Steve Hill

Note from publisher: Targeting customers through a unique selling proposition (USP) is critical. Here, Steve Hill explains six ways to effectively “tell them what you do for them” with the USP.”Don’t tell them what you do. Tell them what you do for them.” As a small business owner, service provider or medical professional, one of […]

Pros and Cons of Direct Mail Advertising by Michael Brassil

Selling by mail can be an easy and relatively inexpensive method of selling your products or services, and it is used far more often than most people realize. However, your success depends on the method you use in presenting your offering to your prospects. In direct mail advertising you are sending your “salesmen” out to […]

7 Ways to Improve Profit Through Both Long- and Short-Term Strategies

Your marketing mix is the combination of promotions, products, places (distribution channels), and prices you choose for products, services, and the overall business. It is important to strike a balance between those four “Ps”. By including both short- and long-term marketing strategies of each, you can create an even more profitable marketing mix. Long-Term Marketing […]

Magazine Advertising – Pros and Cons by Mike Brassel

Under certain circumstances, magazine advertising can play an important part in your overall marketing mix. Magazines are usually weekly or monthly publications. There are two categories: trade magazines and consumer magazines. Investigate which type would work best in your situation: – Trade magazines are publications targeting certain types of businesses, services and industries. – Consumer […]

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