A Target Marketing / Unique Selling Proposition Article: What’s in it for me? by Steve Hill

Note from publisher: Targeting customers through a unique selling proposition (USP) is critical. Here, Steve Hill explains six ways to effectively “tell them what you do for them” with the USP.”Don’t tell them what you do. Tell them what you do for them.” As a small business owner, service provider or medical professional, one of […]

Pros and Cons of Direct Mail Advertising by Michael Brassil

Selling by mail can be an easy and relatively inexpensive method of selling your products or services, and it is used far more often than most people realize. However, your success depends on the method you use in presenting your offering to your prospects. In direct mail advertising you are sending your “salesmen” out to […]

7 Ways to Improve Profit Through Both Long- and Short-Term Strategies

Your marketing mix is the combination of promotions, products, places (distribution channels), and prices you choose for products, services, and the overall business. It is important to strike a balance between those four “Ps”. By including both short- and long-term marketing strategies of each, you can create an even more profitable marketing mix. Long-Term Marketing […]

Magazine Advertising – Pros and Cons by Mike Brassel

Under certain circumstances, magazine advertising can play an important part in your overall marketing mix. Magazines are usually weekly or monthly publications. There are two categories: trade magazines and consumer magazines. Investigate which type would work best in your situation: – Trade magazines are publications targeting certain types of businesses, services and industries. – Consumer […]

Invest in Marketing Programs By Bobette Kyle

Many small business people tend to look at marketing as an expense that takes profit away from the business, as a luxury item to “splurge” on when they have the money, but not a necessity. This approach is short-sighted. Marketing is an investment that increases profit and improves business value over time. Smart stock pickers’ […]

Writing Effective Do-It-Yourself Advertising Copy by Mike Brassil

The single objective of any advertisement message is to induce your prospect to take action, period! This article will guide you through the basic steps of writing effective advertising copy. The Five Most Powerful Advertising Copy Words. We begin with the five most powerful words in advertising: “What’s in it for me?” Everything else stems […]

Brand Image: Power of “Why”

Dig a Deeper Well… How to Tap the Power of Your Brand Image. by Phil Davis, President Tungsten Brilliant Brand Marketing Many business owners sincerely believe they understand their company brand. They can describe it, quantify it and explain its place in the market. They can recount corporate history and accomplishments and detail future plans […]

5 Small Business Management Questions to Help Choose Marketing Programs

As small business managers, we juggle limited resources in a quest for success. To an extent, when we focus on success in one area we forego  attention elsewhere. Limited money and time mean we must choose from seemingly endless — and often conflicting — advice and recommendations from marketing service providers; management and marketing consultants; […]

Lessons in Prosperous Competition – Vegas Style

A recent trip to Las Vegas inspired thoughts about how direct competitors can thrive in the same physical or virtual space. I often hear people overly concerned that their actions will somehow help the competition. While it’s strategically healthy to be aware of competitors’ activities, an obsession with doing absolutely nothing to help a competitor […]

10 Budgeting Tips for Business People and Small Companies

Click here to download the “Budgeting Tips” PDF file. It is possible for small companies and individual business people to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Keep these 10 budgeting tips in mind when purchasing goods and services. 1.) Buy in bulk, but compare prices. Sam’s Club and Costco cater to small businesses and have good […]

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