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Marketing Planning — Different options for creating and writing marketing plans.

Marketing Plan Articles Home Page

Featured Planning Resources
Marketing Planning Approaches
Marketing Plan Template
Review: Marketing Plan Pro 11.0 powered by Duct Tape Marketing
Sample Marketing Plans
Marketing Plan Outline (Article)
Planning Outline (PDF)
Free Marketing Plan Game
Printable Mktg Plan Crossword (PDF)
More Marketing Plan Information

Writing a Marketing Plan
Marketing Strategies, Plans
Getting Started
Finishing Your Plan
Plan for Profit
Social Media Marketing Plan
Setting Overall Objectives
Setting Marketing Goals
Marketing Plan Write-Ups
Marketing Plan Into Action
More on Marketing Planning
Action Plans
One-Day Marketing Plan

Choosing Planning Resources
Budget Dilemma
Deciding Whom to Trust
Choosing Resources

Incorporating SWOT and 4 P’s
Summary / Overview
Market Niche / SWOT Analysis
Marketing 4 P’s
Selling / Conclusion

More Marketing Plans Articles
Evaluate Effectiveness
Identifying Your Niche
Do You really NEED A Plan?
The Essential Contents

Press Releases & Tips
Have a Better Plan This Year
(PDF document)
Small Business Marketing Tips
Calm “Marketing Plan Panic” (PDF)

Business Plan Information — Free sample business plans, articles, and business plan resources.

Business Plan Articles Home Page
Sample Business Plan Outline
Business Plan Outline PDF
Business Planning Products

Articles About Business Plans
6 Functions of a Business Plan
When To Hire a Consultant
Your Game Plan
Game Plan, Part 2
Your Plan Tells a Story
Design Your Plan To Fit Your Business
5 Business Planning Mistakes
Gathering Information for Your Plan
Weak Economy business Strategy

Business Planning Tools & Resources
Business Plan Software
Example Business Plans:
Book Publisher
Restaurant Plans
Steak Buffet
Health Food
More Sample Business Plans

Marketing Management Objectives — Techniques to help improve profit.
Marketing Methods Home Page

About Marketing
What is Marketing?
Marketing Misconceptions
The Next Level
Customer Focus

Marketing Pricing Strategies
Discount Pricing and Profit
The Right Price
Consider This When Pricing
Small Business Pricing

Targeting, Segmenting
Targeting Improves Marketing Plan
Segmenting Through

Why a Target Market?

More Marketing Method Articles
Qualitative Market Research
Leads by Speaking
Feasibility Study
Promotional Products in

Customer Service

Marketing Strategies — Small business marketing, management and strategy advice, all written by Bobette Kyle.
Strategies Home Page

Marketing Planning Advice
Plan Outline

Writing Plan & outline
Web Planning
Weak Economy Strategies
Marketing Objectives
Four P’s
Updating a Marketing Plan
Online Success with Offline

Planning Tips

Analysis and Research Articles
Porter’s and SWOT
SWOT Analysis
Online Market Research
Evaluating Internet Programs

Lessons from Life
Marketing Tips from Mystery

Belmont Winner’s Management
Online Marketing Lessons from MLB
Marketing A La Daddy Daycare

Email, Newsletters
Getting Newsletter

Minimizing Email Viruses
Email Spam
Email Advertising

More Articles
Website as Management Tool
Customer Interaction Online
eCommerce Online
Definition of Marketing

Promote with an Affiliate Program

St. Louis, Missouri Related
Book Marketing on Internet
Publishing Your First Website
Marketing a Book Online

Starting a Small Business — Help with small business marketing, planning and management.
Small Business Home

Business Management Tips
Small Business Strategies
Small Business Management Lessons
Small Business Rules
Basic Small Business Bookkeeping
Questions Before Signing a Lease
Effective Time Prioritization
Defusing Dangerous Work Behavior
The P&L Form

Marketing and Competition
USP How-To
A Profitable Marketing Mix
Invest in Marketing Programs
Lessons in Competition
Brand Image: Power of “Why”
Strategy for Branding
The Product
Marketing Programs In Motion
9 Keys to an Effective Logo

Budgeting and Cost
Affordable Cash Cow

10 Budgeting Tips
Profit and Loss Form, P&L (PDF)

Effective Advertising
Classified Advertising
TV Advertising
Radio Advertising Pros and Cons
Newspaper Advertising
Pros and Cons of Direct Mail
Magazine Advertising
Writing Effective DIY

Taking Credit Cards — ECommerce explained.
Payments Online Home Page

Credit Card Articles

ECommerce How To
Accept Credit Cards Online
Domain Registration Companies
ECommerce Web Site Design
About Internet Merchant Accounts
Credit Card Processing Fees
Online Merchant Account Pitfalls
Questions to Ask Merchant Accts.
Canadian CC Merchant Account
Online Payment Processors
Paypal Account
Clickbank Account

Fighting Fraud
Identity Theft and Ecommerce

Choosing an Ecommerce Website Host
A Web hosting checklist
Cheap Website Hosting
Hosting Mistakes
Finding Ecommerce Web Site Providers
Small Business Shopping Cart, Autoresponder, Ad Tracker, and Affiliate
Program Manager All In One

Online Marketing — How to approach online business development and marketing.
Online Marketing
Articles Home Page

Doing Business Online
Marketing Basics
Internet Marketing Definitions
Small Business Website Design
Getting Your Business Online
Your Local Business
Local Business on Internet

Web Marketing Strategy
Twitter Marketing and Networking
Web Video Campaigns
Social Media Mistakes
Online Networking Tips
Social Networking Sites (Part 1)
Social Networking Sites (Part 2)
Web 2.0 Marketing
7 Online Marketing Ideas
51 Online Marketing Techniques
Short Vs. Long Term Marketing
Personality Targeting
Online Branding Communication
Encourage Impulse Purchases
Offline Marketing, Online Results
Marketing Your Web Site Offline?

Improving Online Profit
Defining Profitability
Break Even Point Analysis
Unique Website Proposition
Attracting the Right Web Traffic
Online Buying Process
Help Customers Choose You
Repeat Website Customers
Sales through Streaming Media
Web Analytics
Evaluating Web Metrics

Improving Conversion Rates
Copywriting Makeover
Quadrupling Conversion Rates
Website Conversion Q&A
Tracking Visitor Behavior
What Affects Conversion?
Visitor Decision Making Process
Vital Website Design
Proper Design for
Marketing, Advertising Tag Line

Website Content
Third Party Articles
RSS Marketing
Difference: RSS, Email, Blogs
Writing Articles
More on Article Writing

Email and Newsletters
Developing an Ezine Built To Last
Email Advertising Law
In-Person List Building

Internet Search Engines — Search engine marketing articles, commentary, and resources.
SEM Home Page

Search Engine Marketing Articles
Local SEO Tips
Sams Club SEO Service Reviewed
Search Trends: Personalization
SE Changes: Mobile, Audio
Search Engine-Friendly Websites
Keyphrase Research
Writing PPC Adwords Ads
Writing SEO Articles
How to Get Great Organic Listings
Pay Per Click: Overture vs. AdWords
Common Submission Misconcepts
SE Copywriting Rules
Writing Your Website
Keyword Suggestion Tool

Articles from SEO Expert Jill Whalen
Common Sense Marketing
High Rankings’ SEO Process
Importance of Web Content
Bad Google Rankings?
Where to Place Key Phrases on Page
Increase Link Popularity
Black Hat Vs White Hat Techniques
Doorways, Mirrors, and Duplicate Sites

SEO Questions Answered
Attracting Target Audience
SE Spiders’ Role in Web Rankings
Are Alexa Rankings Accurate?

Search Engine Optimization Resources
Writing for the Search Engines
SEO Forum

Search Engine Guide

Public Relations, Communications — Resources and information to help with public relations (PR) campaigns.
Public Relations
Articles Home Page

PR Articles
What is Public Relations?
Remember the Small Stuff
Understanding Niche Publicity
The Four Seasons of Publicity
Coming Up With a Newsworthy Angle
New Product Media Releases
Affording a PR Campaign
Think Local for Free Publicity
Local Media
Free PR From The Media
Learning Newsroom Lingo
Sending and Writing a Press Release
Getting There With a PR Plan

Word of Mouth Marketing
Word of Mouth Marketing Lessons
PR Through WOM Marketing

Publish, Promote Book — Marketing your business through book writing and promotion.
Publishing and Promoting Your Book Homepage
Grow Business with Books
Book as Marketing Tool
Special Book Markets
Author as Brand

Writing Nonfiction Books
Finding The Book Within
Steps When Writing Nonfiction
The Writing Process
Researching Your Book
Staying Organized
Self-Publishing Success

Marketing Nonfiction
Book Marketing Plan
Articles in Print Publications
Marketing Written Content
Successful Author Attributes
Targeting Customers
Fans and Buyers

Book Promotion Techniques
7 Promotional Ideas
Promoting a Nonfiction Book
Paid Media Spokesperson
Free Books Promotion
Attract More Readers

The Book Writing Team
Freelance Ghostwriter
About Hiring a Ghostwriter
Book Editing Services
Book Indexing
Cover and Layout

Book Publishing
Finding the Right Literary Agent
Why Publish?
Self Publishing Success
Why Self-Publish?

Superbowl Advertising, Commercials, and Marketing
Super Bowl 2008: Ads and Marketing
Commercials, Marketing

Super Bowl 2007: Commercials & Sponsors
2006 Super Bowl: Ad Campaign Lessons for Small Business
2005 Super Bowl: Advertising and Marketing Lessons
Bowl 2004: Executing Marketing & Advertising Techniques for Small Business

Super Bowl 2002: Marketing & Advertising
Super Bowl Commercials, Advertising & Marketing Category of Bobette’s Blog

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