Marketing Strategies

When marketing a small business, it is tempting to dive right into trying different advertising and promotional programs to “see what sticks. ” There is, however, a much more effective and profit-conscious approach: strategy.

Without strategy, you will soon find yourself yanked in a new direction every time another marketing technique catches your attention. There are simply too many options to try them all. Having strategic direction helps you intelligently choose between your available options. This Marketing Strategies section of will give you an overview of several strategic approaches designed to help you make profitable marketing decisions.

The information you will find in this section includes:

Your Marketing Plan: Getting Started introduces the concept of marketing planning and outlines the sections an extensive marketing plan should include.

Porters Five Forces and SWOT is a primer on two methods for analyzing your industry in general, your company’s position within it, as well as where your competitors stand. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, customers, suppliers, substitutes for your products or services, and potential new entrants are all addressed here.

The Four P’s of Marketing takes a look one of the basic premises in marketing–the function encompasses the product, place (distribution channels), pricing, and promotions. While there are certainly more elements to modern marketing, knowing the 4 P’s is beneficial to targeting customers who will benefit the most from what you are offering.

The Definition of Marketing. Has it Changed? examines the marketing definitions at their core. Now that the Internet and social media are a large part of everyday culture, does that mean the definition of marketing has changed? This article argues “no.” It is the specifics of execution that have changed.

Other pieces in this section look at real-life examples from major league baseball, horse racing, and a daycare movie and details lessons to be learned from each.