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Your Marketing Plan

These resources are companion to "Section 2: Your Marketing Plan" in the book How Much for Just the Spider? Strategic Website Marketing for Small-budget Businesses by Bobette Kyle. The section looks at how to develop and implement a Website marketing plan. This includes gathering information from the Internet; conducting research and analysis; and identifying customer segments.


Marketing Plan and Promotions site - Tell-A-FriendDeveloping a Plan - Marketing Plan Software and Training

Implementing the Plan
Project Management Resources and ROI White Papers

Information Gathering
Competitor Information, Financial Reports and Analysis, Message Board Directories and Newsgroups, News Article Searches, Price Comparison Services, Search Engine Directories, Trade Association Directories

Research and Data Analysis
Chat Rooms and Communities, Conducting Research, Consultant and Freelance Sources, Cookies, Online Focus GroupsPorter's Five Forces Competitive Analysis, Research Information Sites, Researchers and Analyst Sites, Statistics and Trends, Traffic Analysis

Segmenting and Targeting - Profiling Resources

These resources were originally developed as companion to the strategic marketing plan development book How Much for Just the Spider? Strategic Website Marketing for Small-budget Businesses. I've updated them as additional appropriate resources come to my attention. In developing these resource lists, I scoured the Web for resources useful to small-budget businesses and entrepreneurs. I looked for sites and services that would help you learn more about Internet Marketing and help you get things done efficiently. My focus is on services that appear to be designed for the needs and time frames of small businesses. Bobette

To the best of my knowledge, resource information was accurate at the time of this writing. Current programs may vary from those reported here. Please let me know if you find any outdated information. Although my intent is to list only upstanding products and services on the site, I cannot personally make any guarantees. It is wise to check any company out before purchasing, signing any agreement, or making a commitment. Online fraud bureaus and consumer groups are one way to do this. Among them are The Better Business Bureau (and BBBOnline), Fraud Bureau, The Federal Trade Commission, the Internet Crime Complain Center ,, and Scambusters. Bobette


Targeted Strategic Marketing Plan BookThe resources on this page are companion to the strategic Website promotions and marketing plan development book How Much for Just the Spider? Strategic Website Marketing for Small-Budget Businesses

The book helps you increase the effectiveness of your targeted, online marketing campaign.
More Information.


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