Choosing Marketing Plan and Program Implementation Resources (Budget Issues) by Bobette Kyle

This marketing plan section is here to give you – small business owners, marketers, and other business oriented people – a look at different ways of writing marketing plans. You will quickly see there is no single, right way to create and write a marketing plan.

Your own approach will depend largely on your individual situation. In “Choosing Marketing Plan and Program Implementation Resources”, which starts below, you will get some ideas about how to decide who (or which programs) to trust. –Bobette Kyle

Tight Budget Dilemma

There are many levels of information out there, some of it very expensive. Generally, the more comprehensive the information, the more expensive it is. In my opinion, this is because:

A program costing hundreds of dollars should provide more value to your business compared to lower cost products. It should do this by:
a) providing tools to make it easier for you to figure out/put together/implement marketing programs (example would be worksheets, templates, etc.) and/or

b) giving exclusive and useful information the author doesn’t make available free elsewhere (example would be specific results of a test, etc.).

It should be the case that the more expensive products are backed by more experienced and credible people. Unfortunately, this is not always true.  🙁

Consistent, effective marketing isn’t easy. That is why every where you look people are struggling with it.

The right marketing programs, effectively implemented, can be extremely profitable to a business. As you know, business products and services are often priced according to the potential impact they have on business success. Potentially, marketing has a huge impact. Therefore, it is more valuable to a company and priced accordingly.

It’s why Marketing VP salaries are often into six figures.

Affording Big Ticket Marketing Tools on a Tight Budget

IMHO, you don’t buy the big ticket expensive material – the ones that cost hundreds of dollars – if you have a tiny budget.

Instead, you buy the less comprehensive material that teaches the principles and points you in the right direction (example) or software that helps you figure out a marketing plan (example).

Then, once you are oriented in the right direction, buy some of the specialty services (for example, I paid a copywriter to do my last sales page) and do the rest yourself.