Sample Marketing Plans

Free Marketing Plan Example

Download the marketing plan outline (Acrobat PDF file)
The outline details six sections you may want to include in your plan, as well as links to relevant articles and software.

Marketing Plan Software Review

Read a detailed review of a software program that includes numerous examples and sample text, along with a step-by-step process for completing an organized marketing plan at different detail levels.

Download the example marketing plan (Acrobat PDF File)

This marketing plan sample demonstrates a five step process for strategically creating a marketing plan. The example is an online marketing plan for a small retailer business.

Read a More Extensive Marketing Plan Example

The marketing plan and online promotion manual How Much for Just the Spider? further demonstrates the above process. A detailed sample internet marketing plan is developed throughout the book.

The example illustrates how to write a one page summary sheet; go through five steps to develop a marketing plan; conduct analysis such as SWOT; Porter’s Five Forces; Segmenting, and Targeting; and other marketing techniques.