Offers Small Businesses Tips to Help Calm Marketing Plan Panic

In time for annual planning,, offers tips to help small businesses get through the fourth quarter marketing plan season and helps those in need of ideas decide what to write in their marketing plans. “The fourth quarter, a busy time in general for many businesses, is also budgeting and planning time for next year.” says site publisher Bobette Kyle. “A lot of people are at a loss when it comes to deciding how to approach the marketing plan process and how to stay within budget. Consequently, we provide many small business marketing tips and resources,” including a PDF download titled “10 Tips To Help Small Businesses Calm Marketing Plan Panic,” available now. Articles and other planning resources are featured on the site as well, including Kyle’s Web marketing book, “How Much For Just the Spider? Strategic Website Marketing,” and her online marketing plan tools.

The focus is on making planning easier by helping small business people decide upon and find resources that are right for their specific situations. Some of the small business marketing tips don’t cost a penny to put in place, like consultant David Frey’s “Seven-Step One-Day Marketing Plan,” detailed on the Website, or choosing a customer niche to target (also explained on the site).

Kyle, now an independent author and publisher, began thinking about the availability of inexpensive, small business marketing tips and planning resources while a budget-strapped Vice President of Marketing. “It can be extremely difficult for those working with a small budget to juggle day-to-day marketing and operations activities. With added planning responsibilities in the fourth quarter, small business managers and owners tend to be on the lookout for marketing tips and resources to make their jobs easier.”