Online Business Development

These Internet and marketing articles are here to help you – the entrepreneur, small business owner, or manager – get ideas for developing your online business. Many of the concepts presented in these articles and resources are applicable both online and offline, with an eye toward an effective Internet presence. Others address strategies unique to Website marketing. For example:

Learn 11 different pricing strategies to apply in your marketing plan in Pricing Strategies in Marketing.

In 9 Ways to Communicate a Rock-Solid Identity Bob Baker explains ways to apply traditional branding techniques on the Internet.

Learn all about ecommerce and accepting online payments.

Bobette Kyle explains how to increase impulse purchases online.

If you are looking for ways to improve site effectiveness, read 9 Site Design Tips to Increase Your Ecommerce Business and 9 Keys to an Effective Logo.

For ways to market your Web site offline, click over to Marketing Your Web Site Offline and Offline Marketing for Online Results.

Several articles, including Increasing Conversions Through Action-Oriented Copywriting, give tips and ideas for improving Website conversions. You will find other strategy articles as well.