Communicating Through Public Relations

One of the least expensive and potentially most effective ways to promote your Web site or business is through public relations. These public relations articles and resources are here to help guide you through that process. There are a variety of reasons the media and others may find what you have to say newsworthy.

To find a piece newsworthy, reporters and others in the media must be able to see a direct connection between the story and the interests of their readers or listeners. If they are not convinced a piece will be interesting to their audience, they will not be interested in your news. In other words, focus your public relations efforts on what draws the right audience.

Some newsworthy topics may include:

  • an award or other recognition
  • local interest topic or angle
  • association with a celebrity or expert
  • topic of mass interest (i.e. current hot topics)
  • conferences, lectures, or classes
  • public appearances
  • a contest or competition
  • public events
  • recognition in a professional field
  • exhibit news
  • tie-in to a publication’s regular column
  • holiday or event tie-in
  • tips articles
  • a how-to article
  • training classes
  • human interest angle
  • an unusual event or occurrence
  • an important event (either observed or participated in)
  • volunteer opportunities
  • leadership or participation in an organization
  • a Web site event

These articles will help you develop an effective, newsworthy public relations plan. For example: