Small Business Management and Marketing Articles

As small business owners and employees you wear many hats. These articles are meant to help you with various aspects of managing and marketing a small business: business management tips; marketing and competition; budgeting and costs; effective advertising and more.

Business Management

The day-to-day tasks involved with running a small business are broad – from keeping the books to managing employees to keeping a roof over the business’ head and much more. Getting it all done while staying within budget is a challenge.

Small Business Marketing and Branding

Marketing is a broad topic and can be overwhelming for small business. In some cases, so overwhelming that no marketing planning or program is completed. Or, you execute a program but have no way to tell how effective it was. These article will help you understand the importance of marketing and how to effectively get it done:

Other areas small businesses often struggle with is advertising. The articles under “Effective Advertising” can help you understand the different advantages/disadvantages of various advertising media. Marketing and advertising tag lines are another aspect you may find challenging. If so, visit’s main section and read 7 Steps for Developing a Marketing or Advertising Tag Line.