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Archive for 2002

Market Research, email marketing

Website Marketing Plan News, December 11, 2002 I’m pulling together this issue quickly, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes/typos I may miss. My mom had cancer surgery yesterday (Dr. thinks 80% chance everything will now be fine, but we have to wait about five days for test results to be sure.). Going to […]

Information gathering for a marketing plan.

Website Marketing Plan News, November 20, 2002 “Marketing Plan Preparation – Information Gathering” by Bobette Kyle When developing or updating a marketing plan, knowing where to start is often a challenge. To better develop effective marketing strategies, begin by gathering information about both your business and the larger business environment (competition, trends, statistics, etc.). The […]

Marketing Plan Success

Website Marketing Plan News, November 6, 2002 You have a special treat today from Strategic Relations Consultant Justin Hitt. He has kindly written an article specifically for you – “Targeting Your Best Customers Improves Your Marketing Plan Success“. Justin explains how to find your best customers, identify their needs, and integrate this knowledge into your […]

Unique Web proposition, pricing

Website Marketing Plan News, October 16, 2002 Marketing strategy articles in today’s issue: “Your Unique Web Proposition” “Pricing Your Service or Product: Things To Ponder“

Strategic Corn Farmer, AIDA

Website Marketing Plan News, October 1, 2002 This weekend was “Family Weekend” at Mizzou, where my daughter is a freshman. We skipped football but managed to have a good time anyway J – and stumbled across a business strategy lesson as well. The lesson is disguised as a fun corn maze at Shryocks Callaway Farms […]

Cross promotion, brainstorming, make your own business

Website Marketing Plan News, September 24, 2002 I have a problem. I cannot seem to work on projects linearly – one or two at a time. Instead, I go in 15 directions, then “bam!” everything hits all at once. That’s what happened this week. Consequently, I have a lot of things for you today – […]

Local small business online

Website Marketing Plan News, August 29, 2002 5 ways consumers are researching and buying on the Internet – good information for any business.

Website marketing plan, feasibility studies

Website Marketing Plan News, August 15, 2002 The Feature and Spotlight articles… The feature article, “The 5-Step Website Marketing Plan“, outlines my approach to developing a marketing plan. Today’s Spotlight article is The Feasibility Study and You: A Dynamic Duo, By June Campbell. I know, I know…I’ve already spotlighted some of June’s articles. But darn […]

What to include in marketing plan, eMarketing, focus on the customer

Website Marketing Plan News, July 13, 2002 I received an unexpected bit of snail mail last week from The Midwest Book Review. I was nervous opening it – afraid it may be a bad review of my book. Surprise! It was a tear sheet from their “Bookwatch” and a nice letter from Editor-In-Chief James A. […]

SWOT, Email Advertising

Website Marketing Plan News, July 10, 2002 Today’s articles… One of the more difficult issues when learning about online promotion is how to correctly send email advertisements. For experienced business people, it is logical to assume the same rules apply for email and postal mail marketing. Not so. In the spotlight, ClickZ’s Heidi Anderson and […]

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