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Archive for May, 2002

Email marketing, Internet jargon

Website Marketing Plan Newsletter, May 22, 2002 Today’s articles: The feature article today contrasts email marketing with direct mail. Many business people venturing into online marketing assume direct email advertising is the same as direct postal marketing. They mistakenly assume the only difference is the means by which they deliver the advertising message. Not so. […]

Website marketing strategy, search engine spam

Website Marketing Plan News, March 19, 2002 Today’s issue includes part three of my four-part Website Marketing Plan series, Strategies for your Website Marketing Plan. The series is a sneak preview of Section 2 in my upcoming book How Much for Just the Spider?. The fourth and final article in the series (tactics), will correspond […]

Definition of Marketing

Website Marketing Plan Newsletter, May 6, 2002 Too often, the marketing function is misunderstood. Some folks define it too narrowly, as simply “advertising”, for example. Others lump it in with the sales function, thinking “sales” and “marketing” are synonymous. Still others cringe at the word, thinking only of pyramid schemes or spam. Today’s newsletter is […]

Difference between publicity and advertising, marketing objectives

Website Marketing Plan Update, March 2, 2002 In this issue, I have an article that will help you with your Website objective. This is the second of a four part series addressing components of a marketing plan and pointing you toward marketing plan/Internet marketing resources. In the spotlight, George McKenzie gives some direction on the […]

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