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Archive for September, 2003

Customer buying stages, learn to accept online payments

Web Site Marketing Plan News, September 23, 2003 When I first started working on this issue, I envisioned a feature article contrasting information sites with sales sites and explaining how they each can fit into your marketing plan. Instead, I ended up with *four* articles that, together, show you: how (and why) your sites can […]

Offline Marketing, eCommerce

Website Marketing Plan News, September 13, 2003 I think the humidity and heat have finally left St. Louis for the season (“Hurray” and “Knock on wood”.). The weather has been mild for a full week. There have even been a few days within my five degree comfort zone. lol! Off line marketing in your plan… […]

Worms and viruses, marketing planning

Website Marketing Plan News, September 10, 2003 This is one of those rare times you are hearing from me twice in one week. This because I felt a pressing need to expand on the email effectiveness issue I brought up Monday. In the last issue, I addressed how email campaigns will continue to become progressively […]

Public relations

Website Marketing Plan News, September 8, 2003 With Labor Day behind us and schools back in session, Summer is officially (if not *technically*) over here in the U.S. In other words, “back to business”. As fourth quarter 2003 looms closer for all of us worldwide, it’s time to start thinking about marketing budget allocations. Many […]

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