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Archive for October, 2003

Public relations techniques

Website Marketing Plan News, October 28, 2003 Public Relations articles in today’s issue: “I Can’t Afford a Public Relations Campaign, Can I?” “How to Get Local Media to Do Stories About Your Website“

Canadian merchant account,

Website Marketing Plan News, October 14, 2003 I planned for this to go out earlier today, but had an interruption. We found a baby copperhead snake crawling around on the back deck. When there’s a snake around, my productivity goes to negative infinity. On a much brighter note, my daughter’s been invited to sing in […]

Merchant account problems, Website navigation, Web marketing goals

Website Marketing Plan News, October 1, 2003 Last week, , I published two of the first four articles on how to match Website content to a visitor’s decision making stage. The final two are in this week’s issue… Part 2 of my “Reach Your Website Marketing Goals” article gives ideas for attracting the right […]

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