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Archive for November, 2003

Marketing plan articles, search engine copywriting, in-person ezine subscriptions

Website Marketing Plan News, November 24, 2003 I will make this one short, as many of you in the U.S. are likely very busy with added personal duties during this short holiday week. I, for one, have to finish painting our kitchen, shop, and clean before Thursday. This is also the time of the year […]

Pricing strategies, streaming media. logo design, impulse purchases, marketing offline, media relations

Website Marketing Plan News, November 11, 2003 “Small Business Pricing Strategies” by Sharron Senter Sharron gives tips and examples of how small businesses can price for profit in a slow economy. “Adding Streaming Media To Your Marketing Programs” by Bobette Kyle This streaming media article explains how small businesses can add sound clips to a […]

Online marketing transcript, Search Engine Marketing misconceptions

Website Marketing Plan News, November 4, 2003 The interactive chat workshop last week, “Marketing Your Online Business – Major Results with a Minor Budget”, went well. We covered a lot of ground – mostly Q&A on how to approach low-budget online marketing strategies – including examples and specific techniques. If you missed the workshop and […]

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