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Marketing myth or fact?

There are certain facts about business and marketing that “everyone” knows, but are they true? Not always. “Cyber Monday (or “Black Monday”)” is the largest Internet shopping day of the year. Think “Black Friday” (day after Thanksgiving, traditionally the nuttiest shopping day of the year) and e-tail it. Neilson/NetRatings even predicts and reports on the […]

Spam is not definition of Internet marketing.

I just read an article proclaiming that Internet marketing is dead. The author raved that Internet marketing is filth and garbage and went on to describe the evils of email spam, using the terms “Internet marketing” and “spam” interchangably. IT’S BS LIKE THIS THAT GIVES MARKETING A BAD NAME! Unsolicited bulk email – spam – […]

First, Oregon. Now DISH, Texas.

In 2000, the town of Halfway, Oregon changed its name to (Half for short). It’s happened again. This time, EchoStar Communications (which owns DISH Network) has struck a deal with Clark, Texas. Clark is now DISH. In exchange for the name change, DISH residents receive 10 years of free DISH Network programming. According to […]

Marketing Salaries

According to The Creative Group’s Salary Guide, those in niche marketing positions are bringing in higher salaries than their general marketing counterparts. An e-commerce marketing director averaged $122,200 salary in 2004 (not counting bonuses or benefits). The general Marketing Director had salary ranging from $65,250 to $106,250. Regional index (100 being average) ranged from a […]

Increase AdWords Conversion Rates

Karon Thackston is my favorite copywriter. She has a knack for making words both useful and enjoyable to read. In this article, she tells you exactly how to go about decreasing your AdWords costs while increasing your visitor to sales conversion rate…. Lower Cost & Increase Conversion of Your AdWords Ads by Karon Thackston © […]

Why Paying for Services is Strategic

Every once in a while I run across a comment on a forum or overhear someone say “So-and-so says that is easy to do, so I should never pay anyone to do it” or “Why pay for it when all of the information is out there on the Internet?” Well, there are A LOT of […]

Power of Publicity

Scott Ginsberg is nuts, but he does have a knack for publicity. The guy’s been wearing a nametag for 5 YEARS STRAIGHT, with one problem – the darn thing won’t stick in the pool. So, to celebrate his 5-year-anniversary, Scott had a nametag tattoo permanently affixed to his left pec (Funny how he’ll pose for […]

Attention-Getting Marketing

A Gutter Helmet radio spot this morning got my attention…the company is a frequent advertiser on the station, so I’ve heard their jingle numerous times. In fact, it was so familiar, in my head the *sound* of that jingle had overriddent the words. I’m not sure I could have told you what was being advertised. […]

Definition of Marketing Strategy

NSW Small Business hits it right on the nose with this definition of marketing strategy: “a business’ approach to marketing its products/ services expresses in broad terms, which forms the basis for developing a marketing plan.” A lot of times we get into the habit of using the word “strategy” when we really mean a […]

Marketing is a lot like weight loss.

Walking home from my Weight Watchers meeting this morning, it hit me that successful marketing and successful weight loss have a lot in common (actually, I was trying to psych myself into losing five pounds before Christmas, but that’s beside the point)… — You can study and read about a miriad of ways to do […]

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