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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bobette Kyle

My very skilled VA — Terry Green — has motivated me to make a final 2006 post on this New Year’s Eve by tagging me in her Farewell to 2006! I’ve been tagged? blog post. I’d never heard of this, but I’m game and it’s fun reading everyone’s 5 things. (Terry, no I didn’t know […]

Finishing Your Marketing Plan Marketing plans can feel like a pain in the neck (not to mention other body parts). Reality is quite the opposite. Small business owners, and others without a boss to impose a due date, often find themselves “too busy” to complete a marketing plan or update the existing one. If this sounds like you, […]

Understanding Marketing: 5 Common Misconceptions

by Otilia Otlacan Everybody seems to know Marketing. The world is full of Marketing gurus. We all talk about Marketing with a remarkable ease and confidence, though most of the times we are not Marketing professionals and not even close. What are the most frequent mistakes in understanding Marketing practices and theories?

What is Google Thinking?

Why in the world would Google go out of the way to send a unique gift each year to certain customers? Because from a strategic standpoint it’s smart. – Influencer Relations. Google’s high-volume customers also tend to be highly visible on the Web where — surprise — low-volume and potential customers can also be found. […]

Google Holiday Gift – Digital Picture Frame

The Internet’s been abuzz the past day or so about this year’s Xmas gift from Google for select AdSense publishers and AdWords advertisers. Got mine today: It’s a Digital Picture frame that can be set to display a slideshow of your favorite photos. The frame will also play Mp4 movies and Mp3 music. You can also record audio…there’s a control menu […]

Brand Image (why?), Online Trends Hello Folks – Here’s a stumper: Why would a marketing executive be fired for performance when his brand’s year-to-date sales and profits are double last year’s? It sounds like he should be getting a raise, doesn’t it? Not necessarily. It turns out the guy marketed cathode ray tubes for television sets. Sales doubled because […]

Incorporating Customer Interaction Into the Marketing Plan

By Bobette Kyle Today more than ever the Internet is part of mainstream culture. Google is now a verb as well as a search engine. For the first time in history, major retailers receive more orders online than through their catalogues. 6.2 million tune into daily. 55.7 million interact monthly on

Dig a Deeper Well… How to Tap the Power of Your Brand Image

By Phil Davis, President Tungsten Brilliant Brand Marketing Many business owners sincerely believe they understand their company brand. They can describe it, quantify it and explain its place in the market. They can recount corporate history and accomplishments and detail future plans and goals. These are all necessary items for communicating a company’s brand […]

Viral Marketing Video

Viral video and social networking marketing seems to be one of the newest up-and-coming Internet marketing trends. Case in point: Harper Collins has begun what will be a multi-pronged approach with Michael Crichton’s upcoming book, “Next,” which centers around NEXTgencode, a genetic research company. The fictional biotech firm has a legit-looking Website, complete with press […]

2007 Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl XLI advertisers are hard at work producing commercials for the February 4, 2007 Super Bowl. Most notably, advertisers are recognizing the growing consumer demand for interactivity by getting consumers and viewers involved in this year’s Super Bowl ads. Chevrolet is sponsoring the Chevy College Ad contest.  Teams of full-time college students have the chance to enter […]

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