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Archive for January, 2006

51 Online Marketing Tactics to Improve Your Website’s Success There is no single “magic formula” to a successful Website. You can, however, make your own magic with a mix of marketing programs that is right for you. Your choices depends upon your overall goals and strategies. A laundry list of marketing tactics that have worked for others — and some of the benefits […]

Online Marketing Techniques, Marketing Plan

Website Marketing Plan News, January 16, 2006 Hello Folks – Today I hope to kick-start a Web marketing brainstorm with the “51 Marketing Techniques” article and a free planning workbook. The article is for anyone looking for ideas to improve online marketing. The workbook is geared toward new sites or sites with little prior marketing […]

The Pros and Cons of Direct Mail Marketing

by Michael Brassil Selling by mail can be an easy and relatively inexpensive method of selling your products or services, and it is used far more often than most people realize. However, your success depends on the method you use in presenting your offering to your prospects. Article helps you weight the advantages and […]

Keeping the Worms Away. How to Minimize Virus Threats

Keeping the Worms Away. How to Minimize Virus Threats by Bobette Kyle The battle against computer viruses and worms has gone on since the dawn of the virtual age. Over time, worms and viruses are evolving and the numbers are growing. Article explains how you can be affected by these malicious bits of code and […]

Best Superbowl Ads

Vote for your 10 favorite Superbowl advertisements of all time here: {URL deleted…obsolete}

Super Bowl Advertising and Marketing

Three weeks and counting until the Super Bowl! My St. Louis Rams kind of sucked this season, but I’m pumped anyway because the best thing about Super Bowl is the advertising and marketing. Before and during the game, I tend to take prolific marketing-related notes and can’t help writing some kind of “lessons” article (yes, […]

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