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Archive for February, 2006

Super Bowl Marketing and Advertising – Lessons for Small Business

Marketing lessons abound each year around Super Bowl. Read some of the lessons from past teams, advertisers and marketers.

A Product is More Than Your Product

I had a wonderful Thai dish for lunch today. I’ll likely never return to the restaurant, however. Although the dish itself – the “product” – was delicious, the entire “Product” was a disaster. The restaurant owner failed to understand that there’s more to his Product than the dish itself and that when it comes to […]

Beyond the Super Bowl: Advertisers’ Strategic Marketing Campaigns

The cost to run a 30-second spot during Super Bowl XV is a reported $2.6 million, far beyond a small business marketing budget. By looking at the larger strategic picture, however, we can all pick up some tips on how to better market our own small businesses. The article explores techniques advertisers used beyond the […]

Product Marketing, Super Bowl Advertising

Website Marketing Plan News, February 13, 2006 Hello Folks – Commercials and food. Two of my favorite things inspired today’s feature articles. In “Beyond the Super Bowl: Advertisers’ Strategic Marketing Campaigns” I take a look at how Super Bowl advertisers expand the marketing benefits beyond the commercial or sponsorship. Few of us have the dollars […]

How to Defuse a Potentially Dangerous Work Situation

How to Defuse a Potentially Dangerous Work Situation by Mike Brassil In a perfect world our employees would perform perfectly and act like well-behaved adults. All too often, bad behavior in the workplace is commonplace. The path of least resistance is to remain in denial by rationalizing bad behavior, and pretending it isn’t happening. You […]

Writing Effective Do-It-Yourself Advertising Copy

Writing Effective Do-It-Yourself Advertising Copy by Mike Brassil The single objective of any advertisement message is to induce your prospect to take action, period! This article will guide you through the basic steps of writing effective advertising copy.

Super Bowl Ads Ctd.

Bummer. I missed one of my favorite commercials Sunday…a new one in the Mastercard Priceless series. Someone must have been calling or walking in the door (family had the worst timing Sunday…I was trying to pay attention and write an article. lol!) Anyway, WSJ Online is running a poll on best and worst 2006 Super […]

A Basic Small Business Bookkeeping System

A Basic Small Business Bookkeeping System by Mike Brassil The first step in responsible financial management is to set up your own basic bookkeeping system. Choose a simple record-keeping system that is easy to understand. It should be simple to use, reliable, accurate, consistent and able to provide information on a timely basis. It will […]

Superbowl Commercials

Sierra Mist – Comedienne Kathy Griffin is an airport security guard who wants the Sierra Mist. Click on “TV Ads,” then “Super Bowl – Wand” to see the commercial. Disney’s “I’m going to Disney World” commercials. Diet Pepsi – – P. Diddy – Jackie Chan Aleve Leonard Nimoy Budweiser / Bud Light Budweiser has […]

2006 Super Bowl Ads

Yahoo! will be posting video of the 2006 Super Bowl advertisements – reportedly before the end of the game – on the video home page. Cost to run a commercial during Super Bowl XV? Super Bowl: $2.6 million for a 30-second spot during the broadcast.

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