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Archive for March, 2006

Prosperous Competition, Website Goals Hello Folks – It’s been a busy month for me. Tim (my beau of 20+ years) and I were married in Las Vegas. It took a while, but we finally decided the relationship was going to “stick.” We had a virtual wedding, broadcast over the Internet (of course). You’ll find a link to the […]

Lessons in Prosperous Competition – Vegas Style

A recent trip to Las Vegas inspired thoughts about how direct competitors can thrive in the same physical or virtual space. I often hear people overly concerned that their actions will somehow help the competition. While it’s strategically healthy to be aware of competitors’ activities, an obsession with doing absolutely nothing to help a competitor […]

Why the Heck Do You Have a Website Anyway

Why the Heck Do You Have a Website Anyway? By Scottie Claiborne You’ve got a website. It’s got some cool graphics and information about your company and maybe even a shopping cart for selling stuff. You read the High Rankings Advisor faithfully; you’ve tweaked your copy and checked your tags, yet your visitors don’t seem […]

Credit Card Rebates

I wonder how many credit card rebate checks get overlooked by cc customers? … In the past week, I received an American Express and an Advanta Business card rebate. Both were buried in the statement and printed on regular paper. One didn’t have a notice that a check was enclosed (as far as I could […]

Online Wedding Shown Over Internet From Vegas

What have I been up to the last few weeks, you ask? I got married in Las Vegas to my other half on February 20. After nearly 22 years together (around 15 of those living together), Tim and I finally tied the knot. The wedding was held at Little Chapel of the Flowers and broadcast […]

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