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Archive for April, 2006

Television Advertising – Advantages and Disadvantages

Television Advertising – Advantages and Disadvantages by Mike Brassil Watching TV is the most common leisure activity in our country today. It is the medium where the consumer spends the most “attentive” time. A number of surveys report average daily television viewing time as high as five to six hours. No wonder it has […]

Radio Advertising Pros and Cons

Radio Advertising Pros and Cons by Mike Brassil 280 million people own more than 300 million radios and, contrary to the predictions of doom, radio still fills a strategic advertising role for businesses both large and small. It is a relatively inexpensive way of reaching people, and it has often been called the “theater […]

Newspaper Advertising – Advantages & Disadvantages

Newspaper Advertising – Advantages & Disadvantages By Mike Brassel Paid-circulation newspapers are a popular advertising medium for most local businesses. They are the oldest forms of mass media and they continue to be one of the largest, as measured by volume of advertising dollars. Industry giants, as well as the local convenience stores, use […]

Invest in Marketing, Online Marketing Hello Folks – This month’s theme is the importance of strategic marketing, whether your business is offline, online or a combination of the two. Smart marketing is something that can make or break a business. Yet, marketing is frequently one of the first budget cuts when profit or sales are down, and often non-existent […]

Guide To A Profitable Marketing Mix Here, I give traditional marketing examples of long term and short term strategies: Including both short term and long term strategies in the marketing mix can make for a more profitable business. Long term strategies build brand/company awareness and give sales revenue a permanent, gradual boost. Short term strategies create a temporary, immediate revenue […]

Short Term vs. Long Term Marketing Efforts

Short Term vs. Long Term Marketing Efforts By Sharon Housley Sharon explains about combining short and long term *online* marketing strategies: In order to create consistent sales cycles and a positive growth trend, businesses usually engage in both short and long term marketing efforts. Short-term marketing efforts tend to cause sudden sales spikes, which […]

Invest in Marketing Programs Some businesses tend to look at marketing as an expense that takes profit away from the company — as a luxury item to “splurge” on when they have the money — but not a necessity. This approach is short sighted. Marketing is an investment that increases profit and improves business value over time. The […]

American Marketing Association –

American Marketing Association – The AMA is holding a Strategic Marketing Conference May 21-23, 2006 at The Fiarmont Hotel in Chicago, IL… Moving Marketing Out of Crisis Mode: New Answers in a World of Competition This strategic conference will provide answers to ongoing challenges we all face as marketers. Among the seminars and tutorials: […]

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