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Archive for May, 2006

Your Brand Is Your Promise! (What are you promising?)

By Phillip Davis President of Tungsten Brilliant Brand Marketing When people mention the word “brand” they usually mean a well-known, well-defined company that’s done an excellent job in crafting an image and sticking with it. Buyers know what to expect from these companies, and as long as these companies meet that expectation, they will […]

Branding Strategy, Effective Marketing Hello Folks – Often, when promoting our brands and services, strategies tend to focus on brand image, features and/or benefits. We sometimes forget one of the most important strategies in the branding process — delivering on the brand or product promise. Today’s article from Phillip Davis — Your Brand is Your Promise (What are […]

Magazine Advertising – Pros and Cons

Magazine Advertising – Pros and Cons by Mike Brassil Under certain circumstances, magazine advertising can play an important part in your overall marketing mix. Magazines are usually weekly or monthly publications. There are two categories: trade magazines and consumer magazines. Investigate which type would work best in your situation:

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