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Convert Offline Strategy to Online Marketing, Learn About Marketing Tests Hello Folks – Although the concept of Website marketing is no longer new, some still think of online marketing planning as separate from the general marketing plan. This could detrimental to sales and profit because many of the underlying concepts are the same both online and off. It is the implementation that varies. “5 […]

Increase Sales – Surprise Your Customers

By Jeff Blaas When’s the last time you surprised prospective customers? “Me? Never! You can’t do that to customers. You’ll drive them away!” Yet I tell you that it is possible to surprise them and have them glad that you did.

5 Ways to Convert Offline Strategy to Online Marketing Success

By Bobette Kyle You may tend to look at offline and online marketing differently, building separate strategies and marketing plans for each. Thinking differently, however, could better grow your business. Most goals and strategies that work offline apply online as well (and vice versa). The underlying concepts are the same but executions differ. Some […]

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