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Archive for August, 2006

Pluto: Not-So-Hot Marketer

I guess we’ve all heard that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. What changed? Not Pluto. Our perception of Pluto changed. The reason? Scientists decided that Pluto doesn’t dominate it’s neighborhood — doesn’t have enough influence to clear other bodies from it’s orbit. Perception is reality. One day you’re a studly planet, the next day you’re […]

Website Reorganization ALL Done

Time for a margarita! The mess is organized and brand-spanking-new site maps are in finally in place. Hurray! Main Site Map Articles Site Map – xml Site Map

How to Create a Dynamic Marketing Plan: Part 3

Putting Your Marketing Plan Into Action Sandra Martini In this segment, Sandra helps you through the “doing” of meeting the goals in your marketing plan with suggestions on scheduling your ongoing activities.

How to Create a Dynamic Marketing Plan: Part 2

Setting Actionable Goals by Sandra Martini Part two of this three-part series addresses how to break goals down into manageable pieces. Sandra also explains how to frame them so they are achievable and help you to address your target audience.

How to Create a Dynamic Marketing Plan: Part 1

Start Your Marketing Plan By Setting Overall Objectives by Sandra Martini In this first of a three-part series Sandra Martini points out that a good dynamic marketing plan — one that can kick your business into high gear — is one that you review weekly, monthly and quarterly. To be truly dynamic, it should […]

How to Create a Dynamic Marketing Plan, Business & Marketing Planning Products Hello Folks – Today’s three-part article takes you through the details of creating a dynamic and useful marketing plan. The author wisely points out that a good marketing plan is one that “you review weekly, monthly and quarterly.” Your business and the competitive environment are fluid — your planning should be as well. Sandra […]

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