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Marketing Plan Crossword Puzzle Game Test your marketing plan knowledge with this interactive crossword. Click on the first letter of any word in the game to highlight the clue for that box and type your answer directly into the puzzle (java must be enabled in your browser for the puzzle to work). You can also solve the puzzle by […]

Customer Segmentation, Marketing Plan Crossword Puzzle, Writing Successful SEO Articles Hello Folks – One strategy to consider when updating or writing your marketing plan is customer segmentation. The reason for this is two-fold. One, you are better able to meet customer needs and expectations if you segment them into similar groups. Two, it can be more efficient and profitable for you. Pay attention, however, […]

Customer Segmentation Needn’t Create Poor Customer Service A popular way to segment customers is by revenue or profit generated, with “A-list” customers receiving more perks and personal service than “lower” categories. There are right and wrong ways to do this. Article explains the benefits of doing it right and consequences of poor implementation.

How To Write SEO Articles

The practice of butchering articles and text for search engine optimization purposes (regardless of readability or even sensibility) has been really bothering me lately. So, when I saw Karon Thackston’s latest SEO copywriting piece, I had to celebrate a bit. Her article — inspired by a recent Matt Cutts blog post — is about how to do it right by […]

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