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Archive for March, 2007

Social Networking Sites, Writing Nonfiction Hello Folks – This month you’ll find part 2 of my article on social networking sites, which explains some marketing do’s and don’ts. If you missed part 1 (which explained the basics as well as named several sites), have a look here: If you are thinking about book writing to help grow and […]

Online Marketing Through Social Networking Sites (Part 2)

by Bobette Kyle Last month, in part 1, I introduced the concept of social networking sites and how to begin online networking. This month, in part 2, I detail some more specific networking and marketing techniques.

New Book Marketing Information

We’ve added more guides to the book marketing section. Take a look: Trusting the writing process: How to conduct research for your nonfiction book: An organizational system for keeping track of everything when writing your nonfiction book:

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