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Archive for May, 2007

Brainstorming Techniques, Tag Lines, Promoting Your Nonfiction Book Hello Folks – Truly new ideas in business are often hard to come by (especially for small businesses on tiny budgets). With funds too tight to hire a marketing agency, the outlook may seem bleak. There are ways, however, to get stellar results from a small, in-house staff (even if you are a staff […]

7 Steps for Developing a Marketing or Advertising Tag Line

by Bobette Kyle A tag line is a catchy one or two line phrase associated with a product, campaign or business. These are often developed by big-name advertising agencies as part of an advertising or branding campaign. But big-name agencies come with big price tags — beyond the reach of many small businesses. If […]

Brainstorming Techniques

by Bobette Kyle Truly unique concept development is a struggle, which explains much of the “copying” that goes on within any given industry. Our new business, product and service ideas often have existing products and services as a base, producing only incrementally different results. The key to “breaking out of the box” is creative […]

7 Ways to Promote Your Nonfiction Book

by Bobbi Linkemer There are two things every author must know about promoting your nonfiction book. First, it is your responsibility, no matter what publishing method you use – conventional, print on demand (POD), or do-it-yourself. Second, promotion should begin long before your book is finished. In fact, you should be thinking about it […]

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