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Archive for June, 2007

Marketing Tips Learned from the 8 Day Mystery Challenge

by Bobette Kyle I discovered a whole genre of promotion this month through Court TV’s 8 Day Mystery Challenge, where participants helped solve a kidnapping in hopes of winning part of the $25,000 reward. The challenge was a pseudo-“alternate reality game” (ARG*). I was reminded of some basic marketing principles — and picked up […]

Marketing Plan Outline, Marketing Case Study, Successful Authors Hello Folks – Nearly half of 2007 has flown by! Do you have a marketing plan in place and well on your way to meeting your goals? If not, you can write a marketing plan anytime during the year to jump-start your business. My “Developing a Marketing Plan Outline and Writing the Plan” tells […]

New Business Leads Through Public Speaking

by Kevin Stirtz Public speaking is one of the best ways to promote your business, your career or your organization. There is an endless number of groups looking for informative and entertaining speakers. You can be one of them! And when you wow an audience, they want more. It’s a perfect way to build […]

Developing a Marketing Plan Outline and Writing the Plan

by Bobette Kyle Do you have a written marketing plan to help guide your decisions throughout the year? If not, it is time to write one. The traditional time for plan development is at year-end, when budgets are being set. If you have formal budgeting in place, this makes sense. A marketing plan — […]

7 Attributes of Highly Successful Authors

by Bob Baker Note from publisher Bobette Kyle: While many successful business people have the enough knowledge and expertise to write a nonfiction book, they don’t know the keys to becoming a successful author. Here, Bob Baker — successful book author and the man behind — fills us in.

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