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Archive for September, 2007

Measuring Profitability, Public Relations, Creating an SEO-Friendly Website, Online Success Hello Folks – As 2008 approaches, it is once again time to begin marketing and business planning. In this edition, we’ve covered some of the issues to consider during your planning sessions: – Defining Profit. In my article this month I explain a bit about some of the different levels of “accounting” profit (including […]

What is Public Relations? As the number of feasible marketing programs expands — along with the Internet’s popularity — the lines between different strategies blur. One raging debate, for example, stems from how a press release can now serve double duty as a search engine optimization tool. Should the definition of public relations be expanded, or include only […]

To Define Profitability, Consider Indirect Benefits

by Bobette Kyle If you ask seven business professionals to define profitability, you are likely to get seven different answers. There are several ways of viewing profit. In the broad sense, defining profitability is simple: making money. In a more detailed sense, definitions vary depending (for example) on the timeframe and whether indirect benefits […]

Website Creation and the Eye of the Spider

by Scott Buresh Picture, if you will, a Rocky-style montage. A team is involved in website creation from the ground up. A driving, inspirational song begins. The first scene is a highly contentious meeting, with a sweating and nervous marketing executive frantically drawing away at a whiteboard in front of a hostile audience. Flash […]

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