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Archive for October, 2008

Halloween: Anne Rice Cuvee Lestat Wine Project

I am way off topic, but hey, it is Halloween. I spent part of Halloween 2008 admiring and inventorying my collection of Anne Rice’s Cuvee Lestat wine. In 1995 and 1996, she — along with her husband Stan Rice and Babcock Vineyards — bottled only a few cases of this “vampire” wine. There was blood-red […]

Recycling Article Marketing Content

Writing and distributing articles can be a high-ROI activity (thanks, Chris Knight, for that post), but the potential marketing uses do not stop there. Any place you use the written word represents an opportunity to “recycle” that content. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing: – Convert part of an article […]

Catching Up Strategically in a Down Economy

As marketers and business managers, we always claim to seek the highest ROI, but if you ask me that is not the case. Strategies slip when things are going well. We get lazy when profitable choices abound and go for easy instead of best. We conveniently forget the strategically sound practices of evaluating alternatives and […]

Internet Marketing. What is it?

Over the years, I have noticed that different people interpret the term “Internet Marketing” (or the related “Web marketing” and “Website marketing”) differently. There is nothing inherently wrong with multiple definitions, but it can cause logistical and communication-based confusion when working with vendors or consultants. Wikipedia defines Internet marketing as I do: Interchangeable with similar […]

Don’t Overestimate Your Ideal Customer

I’ve seen this phenomenon in various forms throughout my career (and am certainly not immune to it myself) — whether it be an assumption that the customer understands all the industry jargon, or a blindspot because we’re too close to our own products. We forget, or the thought never crosses our minds, that some part […]

Twittering into the 21st century.

Apparently I’m ready to take the plunge. I’ve signed onto Twitterfeed and TWhirl. Now “all” I have to do is get over my introversion and be more social!

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