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Finding a Literary Agent for Your Nonfiction

Landing a book contract with an established publisher boosts your business profile to a new level. The problem for many new nonfiction authors, however, is how to go about actually getting that contract. This is where a literary agent comes into play. The agent — among other functions — presents your work to publishers and […]

Hiring a Ghostwriter

So, you have decided to write a nonfiction book to help further your business career (or to help publicize your company), but need the help of a ghostwriter for the actual writing. Most people know in general what a ghostwriter does, but are at a loss when it comes to the specifics of working with […]

Social Networking, SEO, Print Publications, New Product Media Release Hello Folks – This issue is all about attracting the right people for your product or service. Each of today’s articles addresses how to attract customers using a different marketing method. Currently, the hottest methods involve interacting with potential customers and fans directly through social networking. Approaching this like advertising won’t cut it. People […]

Why Don’t Magazine Editors Like My Article Ideas?

By Marcia Yudkin Whether you’re a professional magazine writer with decades of experience or a not-yet-published freelancer, you are bound to get rejection notes. Editors don’t always explain clearly why they’re saying no. Some reasons have nothing to do with you and others have everything to do with you, while many other reasons rank […]

Get Paid to Promote Your Book

by Sandra Beckwith Most authors spend money to promote their books, but some get paid to do it. They’re media spokespersons, hired by companies and organizations to add credibility to a consumer product or service being promoted through a publicity campaign. They are topic experts who have the credentials to back their expertise. And […]

7 Ways to Promote Your Nonfiction Book, Book Marketing Plan, Copyright Makeover Hello Folks – Planning techniques are similar across industries, and marketing written content is no different. So you won’t want to miss my interview with Brian Jud on writing a book marketing plan. This article includes a lot of wonderful advice about the planning process in general: tips for working your plan throughout the […]

7 Ways to Promote Your Nonfiction Book

by Bobbi Linkemer Promotion is a scary word to new authors. It is also the single aspect of writing a book that is often overlooked or ignored. If you have a conventional publisher, you may think promotion will be handled for you. Unfortunately, unless you are a celebrity or a best-selling author, promoting your […]

Writing a Marketing Plan for Your Book and Other content (Part 2)

by Bobette Kyle Publisher Note: Here, Bobette and book marketing consultant Brian Jud continue their discussion on marketing written content. (Part 1 of this book marketing plan interview is here).

Writing a Marketing Plan for Your Book and Other content (Part 1)

by Bobette Kyle The book marketing plan. What is it? What do you do with one? How do you even start? Brian Jud, book marketing consultant and president of Book Marketing Works LLC has the answers and has agreed to help us with developing marketing plans for our nonfiction writing.

Marketing Plan Outline, Marketing Case Study, Successful Authors Hello Folks – Nearly half of 2007 has flown by! Do you have a marketing plan in place and well on your way to meeting your goals? If not, you can write a marketing plan anytime during the year to jump-start your business. My “Developing a Marketing Plan Outline and Writing the Plan” tells […]

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