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Review: Marketing Plan Pro 11.0 powered by Duct Tape Marketing

As promised, I am sending notice of my review of Marketing Plan Pro 11.0 powered by Duct Tape Marketing before deactivating the emailed newsletter list. I found 11.0 to be different — and more effective at producing a viable strategic plan — than 9.0. I especially liked the new options of producing a: (a) quick, […]

Marketing Planning, Web-Based Video, Social Media Mistakes

Read Newsletter Hello Folks – I recently received a request asking my opinion of different marketing planning products. As I wrote a detailed response, it struck me that I’ve never published any planning tools reviews (duh!). Consequently, I’ve chosen to review my favorite piece of marketing plan software as we enter the planning season: Marketing […]

Marketing Strategies, Turning a Down Economy into Opportunity, Word of Mouth Advertising, Social Media Content, Qualitative Market Research Hello Folks – While the US economy is not officially in a recession, most customers are becoming more cost-conscious as prices in key areas increase. Their needs are changing, but as a marketer how do you know what, exactly, has changed? My “Marketing Strategy for a Tough Economy” explains a method for projecting and […]

Social Networking, SEO, Print Publications, New Product Media Release Hello Folks – This issue is all about attracting the right people for your product or service. Each of today’s articles addresses how to attract customers using a different marketing method. Currently, the hottest methods involve interacting with potential customers and fans directly through social networking. Approaching this like advertising won’t cut it. People […]

Super Bowl XLII Advertising and Marketing

Hello Folks – This is a special Super Bowl follow-up edition of the news. Last month, I invited you to identify trends in Super Bowl XLII advertising and promotional methods, then think of ways you can incorporate them into your own marketing plans. Did you get a chance to do it? I did. Take […]

Plan for Profit in 2008, Keyphrase Choice, AdWords PPC Ads, Get Paid to Promote your Book Hello Folks – 2008 is here! Have you started executing your marketing plan? If not, it is never too late to take action. The marketing plan section on helps in a variety of ways. The most recent addition from Kevin Stirtz, “Plan for Profit in 2008 – Here’s an Easy 5 Step Method,” […]

7 Ways to Promote Your Nonfiction Book, Book Marketing Plan, Copyright Makeover Hello Folks – Planning techniques are similar across industries, and marketing written content is no different. So you won’t want to miss my interview with Brian Jud on writing a book marketing plan. This article includes a lot of wonderful advice about the planning process in general: tips for working your plan throughout the […]

Measuring Profitability, Public Relations, Creating an SEO-Friendly Website, Online Success Hello Folks – As 2008 approaches, it is once again time to begin marketing and business planning. In this edition, we’ve covered some of the issues to consider during your planning sessions: – Defining Profit. In my article this month I explain a bit about some of the different levels of “accounting” profit (including […]

Pricing Strategies, Web 2.0, Marketing’s 4Ps, Blending Short- and Long Term Strategies Hello Folks – You may have noticed I’ve been publishing the newsletter twice a quarter recently instead of monthly. Expect to see this pattern of less frequent, but longer newsletters into the foreseeable future. Today’s issue, for example, includes four articles. But first, a couple of announcements … An online friend of mine, Gwen […]

Gwen Elliott Relief Fundraiser

I usually don’t post this type of request, but I hope all of you will understand and know that I don’t do this lightly. Gwen Elliott, a member of the “Bold Biz Babes” (a small, online business group I’ve been a member of since 2003), lost her 10-year-old son and all of her belongings in […]

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