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Super Bowl: Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Ryan Seacrest

Excuse me, but can FOX do ANYTHING without the American Idol gang? Just aired an exclusive performance by Paula Abdul, with Randy on guitar. She can still move, but I think she was lip syncing. This followed by an interview on the red carpet with Ryan Seacrest. I shouldn’t be surprised. What’s a Super Bowl, after […]

The Marketing Machine

Strategy and persistence move the marketing machine. Without strategy the wheels spin. Without persistence the wheels stop. With both you win the race.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bobette Kyle

My very skilled VA — Terry Green — has motivated me to make a final 2006 post on this New Year’s Eve by tagging me in her Farewell to 2006! I’ve been tagged? blog post. I’d never heard of this, but I’m game and it’s fun reading everyone’s 5 things. (Terry, no I didn’t know […]

What is Google Thinking?

Why in the world would Google go out of the way to send a unique gift each year to certain customers? Because from a strategic standpoint it’s smart. – Influencer Relations. Google’s high-volume customers also tend to be highly visible on the Web where — surprise — low-volume and potential customers can also be found. […]

Google Holiday Gift – Digital Picture Frame

The Internet’s been abuzz the past day or so about this year’s Xmas gift from Google for select AdSense publishers and AdWords advertisers. Got mine today: It’s a Digital Picture frame that can be set to display a slideshow of your favorite photos. The frame will also play Mp4 movies and Mp3 music. You can also record audio…there’s a control menu […]

Pluto: Not-So-Hot Marketer

I guess we’ve all heard that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. What changed? Not Pluto. Our perception of Pluto changed. The reason? Scientists decided that Pluto doesn’t dominate it’s neighborhood — doesn’t have enough influence to clear other bodies from it’s orbit. Perception is reality. One day you’re a studly planet, the next day you’re […]

Website Reorganization ALL Done

Time for a margarita! The mess is organized and brand-spanking-new site maps are in finally in place. Hurray! Main Site Map Articles Site Map – xml Site Map

Credit Card Rebates

I wonder how many credit card rebate checks get overlooked by cc customers? … In the past week, I received an American Express and an Advanta Business card rebate. Both were buried in the statement and printed on regular paper. One didn’t have a notice that a check was enclosed (as far as I could […]

Online Wedding Shown Over Internet From Vegas

What have I been up to the last few weeks, you ask? I got married in Las Vegas to my other half on February 20. After nearly 22 years together (around 15 of those living together), Tim and I finally tied the knot. The wedding was held at Little Chapel of the Flowers and broadcast […]

Best Superbowl Ads

Vote for your 10 favorite Superbowl advertisements of all time here: {URL deleted…obsolete}

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