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Motrin Marketing Collides With Social Media #MotrinMoms

If you had any doubts about the power (or swiftness) of social media, think again. Over the last several days, Johnson & Johnson has felt the downside of this power. Through social media such as Twitter (#MotrinMoms) and YouTube — and blogs across the Internet — moms rebelled at a commercial many saw as patronizing. […]

Links in Blog Comments. What is your View?

Used correctly, I believe commenting on blogs (and leaving a Website link) is a good strategy. Signature links — or links to content supporting or expanding on a point — help the reader learn more about you or find more information and are good strategy. Links plastered on a forum or blog along with a […]

Internet Marketing. What is it?

Over the years, I have noticed that different people interpret the term “Internet Marketing” (or the related “Web marketing” and “Website marketing”) differently. There is nothing inherently wrong with multiple definitions, but it can cause logistical and communication-based confusion when working with vendors or consultants. Wikipedia defines Internet marketing as I do: Interchangeable with similar […]

Social Networking, SEO, Print Publications, New Product Media Release Hello Folks – This issue is all about attracting the right people for your product or service. Each of today’s articles addresses how to attract customers using a different marketing method. Currently, the hottest methods involve interacting with potential customers and fans directly through social networking. Approaching this like advertising won’t cut it. People […]

Location, Location: Geography in Web Marketing and SEO

by Marcia Yudkin When you’re hunting online for a roofer, bicycle repair shop or optometrist, one of the first screening criteria you use when looking at web sites is “Are they nearby?” You want that question answered in the first five seconds after landing on a company’s site. Sounds obvious, right? Yet during my […]

Sam’s Club Wants to Be Your Search Engine Optimization Company – Should You Let It?

by Scott Buresh If the buzz is to be believed, Sam’s Club is now a search engine optimization company that is targeting the local search market aggressively. The fact is, this isn’t something new; it’s just recently come to the forefront. Sam’s Club has partnered with an outside company to offer a program that […]

New Product? Give It Nine Lives

By Marcia Yudkin The closeness between the words “new” and “news” provides a telling clue to how easy it can be to get media coverage for something that’s new. By definition, the media are in the business of covering what’s fresh, what’s unprecedented and what has just happened. Follow these simple steps and publicity […]

Plan for Profit in 2008, Keyphrase Choice, AdWords PPC Ads, Get Paid to Promote your Book Hello Folks – 2008 is here! Have you started executing your marketing plan? If not, it is never too late to take action. The marketing plan section on helps in a variety of ways. The most recent addition from Kevin Stirtz, “Plan for Profit in 2008 – Here’s an Easy 5 Step Method,” […]

What Every Search Engine Optimization Company Should Know about Keyphrase Choice

by Scott Buresh There are many keyphrase tools out there, but any quality search engine optimization company should know that they are in no way replacements for true market research. When one is embarking on a campaign of marketing on the Internet, it is important to select keyphrases that represent an understanding of one’s […]

How To Write Little Tiny AdWords Ads That Bring Giant-Sized Profits

by Karon Thackston It seems to be a phenomenon. You try AdWords, your ad gets “disapproved” by the powers that be at Google, you count your losses and give up. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are two primary factors to succeeding at Google AdWords and other types of PPC advertising. The […]

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