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Learning from Super Bowl Music & Entertainment

Besides the game itself and the commercials, another big attraction surrounding the Super Bowl are the musical performances. Each year, big names perform during half time shows. (On an irrelevant note, The Who are the entertainment for XLIV. Has anyone else noticed the network “playing it safe” with old-school acts since the Janet Jackson fiasco in 2004?)

In any case, most parties and events are in the market for entertainment: live or prerecorded music, games, acts, etc. To discover opportunities for your business, think outside the box. There is a wide variety of products and services needed to make each entertainment experience memorable: speaker systems, caterers, beverages, napkins, and special clothing (to name a very few). To turn this into an opportunity for your products, consider what types of entertainment your ideal customers want. Then ask yourselves, “How can our products help make the experience better?” The answers may open the door to new business. More Super Bowl marketing lessons, dating back to 2002, are here.


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