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Introducing New Planner “by Women, for Women”

We are staying very busy with running Lifestyle Inspirations and publishing MY LIFE MATTERS; Personal Planner for Women. Our latest press release, which is below, details the motivation behind the product. Those of you who have your own home-based business may also be interested in this example, showing how to move your business forward while keeping the rest of your life organized.

The press release…

Lifestyle Inspirations Introduces New Planner “by Women, for Women”

Saint Louis, Missouri. Three St. Louis women took on the challenge of developing a flexible planner system to help women make turning their goals and dreams–in any aspect of life–into a natural part of their everyday routines.

Lifestyle Inspirations LLC is the creation of Cecilia George, Bobette Kyle, and Laura Thake. Committed to their former Daysteps customers and the need for a truly comprehensive personal planner, the partners began a mission to help women mean it when they say “my life matters.”

This became a mantra for the partners and resulted in their new company’s first product, MY LIFE MATTERS TM. This women’s planner is a “next generation” planner system that takes the concept of lifestyle planning in a new direction. This novel approach to self-development and organization shows women how to integrate their own style of change into their lives.

“After researching and speaking to many women, we confirmed what all women know in their hearts: they have a need to address a wide range of issues in their lives, some far beyond organizing and scheduling,” states George. “Each woman’s life focus is unique to her. In fact, she may want to focus her attention on any of eight aspects of life. The most common are organization, physical health (nutritional, fitness, and medical), and personal finances.”

“We found,” adds Kyle, “that, while there are many books and resources that tell people what to do in each area of life, there is a need for tools to help them with the how of integrating these changes into their daily lives and keeping at it long term. Consequently, we focus on the how.”

The Lifestyle Inspirations team has completed production of their first run of planners to hit the market. The trio believes their comprehensive approach to planning will have a major impact on the way women embark on self-development in all aspects of their lives.

MY LIFE MATTERS TM is a complete planning system designed to help women feel empowered and in control of any area of their lives–organization; physical health (fitness, nutrition, and medical); personal finances; spiritual well-being; relationships; mental and emotional well-being; career, business, or volunteering; and life dreams and passions. The calendar year 2011 edition includes two six-month, spiral-bound, 9” by 11 1/2” planner books, plus one set of portable inserts (My Well Woman Health Information and My Contacts) and two self-adhesive 4″ x 6″ photo pockets. The Website is located at

Contact: Laura Thake
9051 Watson Road, Box 318
Saint Louis MO 63126


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