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7 Ways to Promote Your Nonfiction Book, Book Marketing Plan, Copyright Makeover

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Planning techniques are similar across industries, and marketing written content is no different. So you won’t want to miss my interview with Brian Jud on writing a book marketing plan. This article includes a lot of wonderful advice about the planning process in general: tips for working your plan throughout the year, how to find customers, pricing strategies, and more. The examples are book-related, but the methods and resources apply to any product or service. On a related note, if you do market an information product ― or have authored a book or ebook ― take a look at Bobbi Linkemer’s seven book promotion ideas.

On the implementation front, persuasive copywriting is critical. Written marketing material simply will not convert without a strong message. In a copywriting makeover, Karon Thackston shows us how she quadrupled online conversions for one company and reveals the methods she used.

Another piece of the online success formula is quality traffic, and most of us covet strong organic search engine rankings. A part of enjoying continued strong rankings over time is understanding search trends and pro-actively improving optimization efforts. Search engines continually strive to provide a better search experience for the users. Webmasters should do the same. As technology improves, so does search functionality: “preview before click,” mobile search, audio, personalization, etc. In “Current and Future Search Trends,” Scott Buresh gives his take on how search is changing.

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