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Biz Lessons from Super Bowl Parties

Do you-as a marketer or business manager-look at all the hub-bub surrounding the Super Bowl and wonder how you can get in on the action? There are ways that do not require a Super Bowl-commercial-sized budget. My latest article, Super Bowl Parties and Entertainment. How Your Business Can Benefit, may give you some ideas. Here it is, in part:

Most watching the Super Bowl are either at a party or camped in front of their own screens, surrounded by snacks and refreshments. In some circles, Super Bowl party games are all the rage as well. All of this represents opportunities for food manufacturers, grocers, restaurants, and party game / supplies companies, which run specials, coupons, and other promotions.

For your own company, take this concept to the next level. Brainstorm how customers use your products during special events, then run timely promos targeting those uses. Read more here.


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