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Hello Folks –

I recently received a request asking my opinion of different marketing planning products. As I wrote a detailed response, it struck me that I’ve never published any planning tools reviews (duh!). Consequently, I’ve chosen to review my favorite piece of marketing plan software as we enter the planning season: Marketing Plan Pro software. You will be able to read my review of the just-released Marketing Plan Pro 11.0 next week on the blog (More about the blog at the end of this note). You’ll also find my article on three different approaches to marketing planning in this issue.

Continuing a previous theme, today’s final two articles address new media. “Social Marketing Leads ― Don’t Make These Online Mistakes” covers some missteps you may make as you become active in online social networking. Paul Burani’s “Web-Based Video Marketing for Small Businesses” is an incredibly helpful piece that demystifies marketing with online video.

On a melancholy note, this will be the final issue of Web Site Marketing Plan News. I have decided to discontinue the formal newsletter, but continue with the Marketing Strategy Thoughts blog, where you can read about marketing planning and Website promotion strategies. The main site will also remain.

If you are like me and have trouble remembering to read blogs, don’t despair. You can receive blog posts via email. Just submit a subscription request from the URL below, then follow the directions in the the verification email and you will be all set:

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I’ll send everyone a reminder to subscribe to the blog when I publish the Marketing Plan Pro review next week (Then I’ll be deleting the newsletter subscription list).

Bobette Kyle


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