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Plan for Profit in 2008, Keyphrase Choice, AdWords PPC Ads, Get Paid to Promote your Book
Hello Folks –

2008 is here! Have you started executing your marketing plan? If not, it is never too late to take action. The marketing plan section on helps in a variety of ways. The most recent addition from Kevin Stirtz, “Plan for Profit in 2008 – Here’s an Easy 5 Step Method,” helps you narrow your focus and take action.

From a strategic standpoint, it is critical that you know your company goals and your customers. Yet, marketers often struggle with applying the concept to specific programs. This issue’s “What Every Search Engine Optimization Company Should Know about Keyphrase Choice” from Scott Buresh is an excellent example of how to use customer and company knowledge to improve online profit through smart keyphrase research. On a related note, keyphrase choice is only one aspect of a pay per click campaign. The ads themselves are important as well. Karon Thackston details her four step process for writing effective AdWords ads ― and walks us through an example ― in “How To Write Little Tiny AdWords Ads That Bring Giant-Sized Profits.”

If authoring publications is one of your marketing strategies you will want to read “Get paid to promote your book!” from Sandra Beckwith. She explains how becoming a paid media spokesperson can serve as a promotional tool for you.

Finally, Superbowl XLII is nearly upon us (February 3, 2008), which means an opportunity to study new marketing techniques. This year, think about how you can apply the various marketing methods used by all the businesses affiliate with the Superbowl to your own business. There are, of course, commercials. But marketing methods go far beyond the commercials. Take a look at my “Superbowl 2008 Commercials and Marketing Methods: Learn from Them” article for some ideas to get you started, plus a rundown of marketing and management lessons over the last five years.


Bobette Kyle


2 Responses to “Plan for Profit in 2008, Keyphrase Choice, AdWords PPC Ads, Get Paid to Promote your Book”

  1. Sandra Beckwith Says:

    Hey Bobette,

    Thanks so much for including a link to my article on how authors can become paid media spokespersons. Authors on your list who are planning to promote their books this year might also be interested in my free book publicity e-zine (“Build Book Buzz”) available at

    Thanks again!

    Sandra Beckwith

  2. Bobette Kyle Says:

    You are welcome, Sandra. I found you through Bobbi Linkemer ( She loves your work and suggested I include one of your articles in the newsletter.

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