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Hello Folks –

You may have noticed I’ve been publishing the newsletter twice a quarter recently instead of monthly. Expect to see this pattern of less frequent, but longer newsletters into the foreseeable future. Today’s issue, for example, includes four articles.

But first, a couple of announcements …
An online friend of mine, Gwen Elliott, recently lost everything in a house fire, including her 10-year-old son Trevor. Those of us in her online network are trying to help rebuild her life. To help her out, I am offering — for the first time ever — advertising space on You can purchase 30 days of prime advertising space on the home page, above the fold near the top left (just below the woman on computer image). I am donating all of the proceeds to Gwen. Go to for more about the ad space and Gwen’s tragedy.

I’ll be making a rare public appearance September 12 at the St. Louis Publishers Association monthly meeting with Bob Baker ( We will be speaking on how to develop an Internet presence and build traffic to your Website.

The articles …

This issue includes four articles packed with a total of 28 marketing and strategy ideas. For help with developing or improving your strategic focus read my “7 Ways to Improve Profit Through Both Long- and Short-Term Strategies,” “The 4 Ps of Marketing,” and “7 Pricing Strategies That Improve Profit” To pick up some tips for navigating the social web, see “Top 10 Tips for Using Web 2.0 to Promote Your Business,” by Kevin Stirtz.

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