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The Network News, June 1, 2005

This month I attended a seminar given by Shel Horowitz, author of Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First. My first thought – as I walked in the door early and saw this slightly gnome-like dude wearing a Grassroots Marketing t-shirt – was “Is that him?” Yes, it was. I was liking him already. As the evening progressed (t-shirt exchanged for sportscoat), a different gnome emerged and I liked Shel even more: Win-win marketing is all about the Golden Rule.

(I have to fess up here. I didn’t really know that second definition of gnome this morning when I got out of bed – the one that goes something like: “a saying that expresses a general truth” – By happy accident, I stumbled across it.)

Anyway, much of the Principled Profit principles involve concepts I already try to do business by. It’s hard to pull only one quote from the book as my favorite, but this one ranks up there: “Successful marketing looks for a deep and long-lasting relationship based on meeting the needs and wants of everyone involved. That means your customers, your employees, your suppliers, and yes, even your competitors!”

If you are intrigued, have a look at Shel’s Ethical Business Pledge (and sign it if you are so inclined). While you are there, check out the Principled Profit book. As FYI, I get nothing out of it if you buy the book. I just think it makes for a wonderful read and a well-spent $17.50. More about the pledge and the book are on Shel’s site here:

Pricing Strategies and Your Target Market

Today’s feature article, “Pricing Strategies in Marketing,” may give you some ideas for jump-starting profit. I explain eleven different pricing approaches and a bit about how the Internet has changed the availability of pricing information.

In the guest article “Target Market – 3 Big Reasons You Need To Know Yours,” copywriter Maggie Dennison explains how understanding the needs and wants that drive your target market affects your marketing materials.


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