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This issue is all about attracting the right people for your product or service. Each of today’s articles addresses how to attract customers using a different marketing method.

Currently, the hottest methods involve interacting with potential customers and fans directly through social networking. Approaching this like advertising won’t cut it. People in social networks are looking for genuine interaction and interest in them. 18-year-old Country music star Taylor Swift, for example, is a phenomenal example of how social networks can prove wildly successful. Taylor’s career exposure began on the Internet as she diligently cultivated a growing fan base through her MySpace page. According to CMT News, “She said she closely supervises her MySpace page, even going so far as to personally write her biography in first person for it.” Taylor also says she spends an hour each day personally answering comments and emails. A look at her blog and MySpace page ( quickly reveals another aspect of her networking success: the imagery and her writing style appeal to her online fans, predominantly teenage girls like her. “I have beautiful friends. Be one,” she quips. And they all love her ― 661,458 of them. Social networking success will look a little different for each of us ― because each of us appeal to a different type of person ― but the underlying constant is connecting individually with your customers. For more tips about social networking online, take a look at Nancy Marmolejo’s “7 Tips to Build Your Visibility and Credibility with Social Networking.”

As long as there are search engines and Websites, SEO will be a source for new business. For those who benefit from attracting search customers from specific geographic locations, Marcia Yudkin discusses specific on-site methods for improving geographically focused search rankings. If you are thinking about outsourcing local search optimization, read Scott Buresh’s analysis of Sams Club’s local SEO service.

Having your work published in print publications can bring attention to your business as well. In “Why Don’t Magazine Editors Like My Article Ideas?” Marcia explains ten common barriers to becoming published in print and how to overcome them. She discusses magazines specifically, but you can apply the general techniques to publishers in any medium ― print, digital, audio, or visual.

Publicity and press releases are another media-driven source of attention. In her third article this issue Marcia Yudkin explains how media releases can help attract customers when releasing a new product.


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  1. Julie Says:

    I really enjoyed reading the articles here.You have given me much to think about regrading promotion in local areas. The web is such a big place and even though a product can appeal to a wide audience few of us has the means to reach one. I hadn’t considered focusing on search from geographic locations.And magazine articles are a great idea too, we concentrate on the internet and too often forget about the off line world.

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