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The importance of prequalified Website visitors.

It’s quite entertaining to track the number of Website visitors and celebrate increases in traffic. While number of visits and page views are important, they aren’t the end objectives. Ultimately, you want those visitors to answer your call to action, whether that be purchase, subscribe, download, or contact you. For this reason, it’s critical to have a number of prequalified Website visitors.

A prequalified visitor is one who has been exposed to your marketing message, is already interested in what you have to offer, and wants more information or is ready to purchase. These visitors are like gold and convert much better than those who are “just shopping.”

The value of prequalified traffic was really driven home this week by sales of the Daysteps Personal Lifestyle planner. Coincidentally, we had a local TV interview on the same day a blogger mentioned us in an overview of 2010 planners.

Looking strictly at the raw numbers–relatively few visits from the interview compared to hundreds from the Website mention–one would guess many more orders from the latter. WRONG! The interview produced a landslide of orders, while the Website mention has resulted in less than five.

Why? Because those coming to the site after watching the interview knew the planner’s benefits & features and how Daysteps could help them. They were ready to buy. Those coming from the Website mention were researching the market and not ready to purchase. Some will come back later, but not enough to match the sales from the interview.

The lesson: When planning for direct results of your marketing programs, consider to what extent visitors will be presold on what you have to offer. It could make the difference between profit and loss.


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