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2010 Planner for Women (Coupon)

You’ve probably guessed by now I’m especially excited about a current project, Daysteps LLC. Our mission is to help you live a more balanced, peaceful, and successful life. AND my readers are eligible for a discount on our first product, a 2010 Planner for Women. The Daysteps Personal Lifestyle Planner was designed to motivate you […]

Know the Customer, BE the Customer (The Daysteps Story)

If you have been following along on the Daysteps blog, you know my current project is a planner developed for women to achieve balance, inspiration, and fulfillment in their lives. I have to admit it was a great challenge because it’s for people with very different priorities and viewpoints compared to the average, career-focused consumer […]

The Daysteps Story

Some of you probably noticed I’ve been scarce the past several months and are wondering where I’ve been. Three other women and I have been busy developing a new type of planner: the Daysteps Personal Lifestyle Planner. Unlike most, this planner is not “strictly business.” The premise behind it is to help people lead a […]

Daysteps – My Current Project

If you wonder what I have been up to lately, here is your chance to check it out. I am cofounder of Daysteps LLC, a company that helps women live more balanced, peaceful, and successful lives — on their own terms. Our first product will be available late 2009. Meanwhile, we have the Website up […]

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